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Post  mswaichingliu81 on Wed Oct 07, 2009 9:18 am

hey there! as you are aware, my ugly betty & michael urie fan blog is up and running and i have been posting and keeping you up to date with news, articles, photos etc. but i want to take this one step further- this is a fan blog for fans of ugly betty and so, i believe that your input is just as important. so if you are interested in doing something for my ugly betty blog, then feel free to do so.

however, the things i'd like to put on the blog are:

1) celebrity cameo appearences on ugly betty you'd like to see- if you can choose any 2 celebrities to appear on ugly betty, who would they be and give reasons why? it can be anyone from any field- doesn't neccessarily have to be an actor, actress. (this is going to be in the form of a feature article). if you want to write an article on this, it needs to be no longer than 1 page and 2 paragraphs, one for each person. so that it fits on the screen.

2) top ten lists- here you can compile your top ten lists on anything you want, as long as it is related to marc and amanda, ugly betty ONLY- from favourite episodes to quotes, moments, guest stars etc.

3) fan art- if you have fan art or icons you'd like for me to put on the site for others to see, i'd be more than happy to do this. you need to email them as attachments to my email address, which is wchngliu@yahoo.co.uk.

4) sound off!- if you wish to sound off about a particular episode, storyline you have seen on ugly betty on dvd, TV or on you tube, then write a comment/review for it

5) poll questions- if you have a ugly betty, marc, amanda-related poll question you want to submit for the site, let me know what it is and i'll put it up on there (i'll also include your name as well).

don't worry about pictures- i'll get hold of them myself. i am looking forward to your ideas- they should be great. remember, this is a ugly betty fan blog FOR the fans BY the fans


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