Shakira, Christie Brinkley Will Guest on Ugly Betty Bahamas Episode

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Shakira, Christie Brinkley Will Guest on Ugly Betty Bahamas Episode

Post  Bia on Thu Oct 01, 2009 12:57 am

"Not only is Ugly Betty traveling to the Bahamas, they are taking Shakira with them! Not only that, but 80’s iconic model Christie Brinkley will guest star in the same episode!

According to TV Guide, Shakira will play herself.

Silvio Horta says the Colombian pop star happens to be in the Bahamas at the same time as the Mode crew and plays a pivotal role in helping save the day after things go awry.

And, it looks like Justin, will be in the Bahamas, too! "Justin’s the one who knows [Shakira's] alias," Horta reveals. (That’s hilarious!)

Brinkley will actually have an acting part, playing Penelope Graybridge, the editor of a competing fashion magazine. Her character’s will not be going to the Bahamas, she’ll be based solely in New York.

TV Guide says the cast and crew are headed to the Bahamas to film the episode, which will air during November sweeps. I’ll be watching for tweets.

Let me be one of the first to guess that Shakira’s pivotal role will be agreeing on the spot to do the photo shoot after something happens to the original model(s). We’ll see."


Well, no of course I will but SHAKIRA? SHAKIRA? Are they even serious? I f*cking hate her.

I don't know I am actually considering not watching the episode because of her. She just annoys the crap out of me.

Oh god... I'm really pissed off right now because I was so looking foward for the Bahamas episode and now this happens. Sad Mad

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