Ugly Betty - Season Episode 6 Thoughts (SPOILERS INSIDE!)

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Ugly Betty - Season Episode 6 Thoughts (SPOILERS INSIDE!) Empty Ugly Betty - Season Episode 6 Thoughts (SPOILERS INSIDE!)

Post  Bia on Sat Nov 14, 2009 12:44 am



Ok, so, I liked the episode A LOT!!

Marc: Awww I love seeing him with Justin!! And did you noticed his curly hair is back?

Justin: He's so brave, I love him! It's kinda sad that he's denying his sexuality, though... Sad Seriously, we all know he's gay, but when he said "I'm not gay" it really made me sad...

Amanda: Not that many scenes but I can see she's still crushing on Matt. I'm glad she didn't like that crappy Community of the Pricks Phoenix, because I didn't want her to get involved with that thing.
Oh and many of you might not have noticed but, Amanda wore jeans! I've only seen her wearing jeans two times throughout the show! On Four Thanksgiving and a Funeral, and 24 Candles.


Natalie: Bitch, get the hell out of my favorite TV Show!

Claire: I have nothing to say about her. She's just... Claire xD.

Daniel: Yeaaaaaah, I know he misses Molly and all (it sure doesn't seem so when he's on a happy lunch with Natalie), BUT does he really believe that he'll be able to be with Molly again? Like, SERIOUSLY??
I think they're gonna drug him, steal his wallet, rape him and then throw him to the river. Ok, maybe not, but still, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH THOSE PEOPLE FROM THE COMMUNITY?!?

Whilelmina: OMG when she cried I cried! I CANNOT believe that her fucking daughter (sorry for the language but I'm pissed off) is doing this to her! SHE QUIT MODE!!!! MODE!!!!!!!!!! WHAT NOW?!?!?! Crying or Very sad

Betty: I think I fell asleap during her scenes.

Hilda: She's so funny! Specially when she argued with Ignaci and she kept saying "SHAME!"

So yeah, good episode, interesting storylines (FINALLY), so far, I like season 4!

What are your toughts?

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Ugly Betty - Season Episode 6 Thoughts (SPOILERS INSIDE!) Empty Re: Ugly Betty - Season Episode 6 Thoughts (SPOILERS INSIDE!)

Post  mswaichingliu81 on Sat Nov 14, 2009 8:46 am

i really thought it was great. here are my thoughts that i posted on my ugly betty/michael urie blog:

  • Wow Hilda's angry at Papi! Haha!

    Adam Rodriguez as Bobby- I think I am going to like this guy more than Archie. He reminds me a lot of Santos. It was great how he had stuck up for Betty, when that guy yelled at her.

    Marc and Justin were wonderful- Michael as marc looked great in this episode- very colourful! And great dancing. Debbie Allen, eat your heart out! We need more Justin on this show. Was dissapointed though when he told his family and Marc that he wasn't gay-, but we all know he is and that he is probably in denial about who he is as a person. I still think Justin will 'come out' later on this season.

    Great to see Marc hanging out with the Suarezes; he could learn a lot of them, but also they can learn a lot of Marc too. Especially Justin.

    Yet again Ignascio judging somebody before he even got to know them by referring to bobby as a 'thug'. Jerk.

    Amanda and Daniel were great, and Amanda trying to warn Daniel of the dangers of this cult was good; I liked that from her. Poor Daniel, he is really finding himself to be in big trouble.

    Vanessa as Willie - Willie quits, haha! That was one of my predictions- which I got right! Wonder what is going to happen with her now, now that she is no longer at Mode. What happens to Marc's position, of whom is still an assistant- now that he is without a boss? And the ending... OMG??! Connor is dead :O!!! Now that I didn't expect to happen, at all. Poor Willie Sad.

    I'm thinking that with Connor's death, Nico might have hired someone to kill him/bump him off *notice in an earlier scene we saw a glimpse of her texting someone on her mobile/cellphone whilst Willie was announcing her resignation to reporters. was she texting to a hitman per se, to kill Connor?

Overall: 'Backseat Betty' was a really enjoyable- yet amazing episode. Once again, I loved it from start to finish with a dramatic twist towards the end. Season 4 is improving a great deal with each instalment, and that is good to see. This was a great eppie!

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